Survey – Cardiac Physiologist – Job Satisfaction


Survey – Cardiac Physiologist – Job Satisfaction

Ella Doherty, IICMP member and cardiac physiologist, is conducting research as part of a Masters in Healthcare Management, under the guidance of the Institute of Public Administration, regarding job satisfaction amongst cardiac physiologists. She is inviting you to participate and have your say regarding your current employment within Ireland.

What is the purpose of the survey? 

The goal of this project is to determine the job satisfaction levels amongst cardiac physiologists in the Republic of Ireland, and to investigate the link with staff retention. This survey will be specific to cardiac physiologists, giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions on all aspects of their job and employment in a confidential manner. It is hoped that emerging themes may help assist management to address areas that require improvement, which may increase job satisfaction, or highlight areas in which the physiologists excel. This in turn could future proof the ability for hospitals to recruit and retain enough cardiac physiologists to ensure that service levels can be maintained and indeed, further developed to meet increasing demands within the Republic of Ireland. This survey is completely voluntary.

How is the survey being conducted? 

This personalised online survey was composed utilising Microsoft Forms which can be completed via a computer screen of your mobile phone. This survey is broken down into three short sections and takes between 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Your responses will be greatly appreciated. Questions are ‘tick the box’ format with the option of leaving a comment at the end.

– Section 1: Background Information (6 Questions)

– Second 2: Job Satisfaction (29 Questions)

– Section 3: Intent to Stay or Leave (4 Questions)

What will happen to your responses? 

Please be assured that your responses are completely anonymous and confidential. The responses will be analysed for emerging themes, and so, I cannot see who individual people are when they submit this online survey. The anonymous results of the survey will only be available to myself, Ella Doherty, and my academic supervisor, Camilla Fanning. All data will be stored until the end of the academic term only, by May 2023, all data will be destroyed.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, or experience any difficulties with the link, please feel free to contact ella.doherty2@hse.ie or elladoherty7@gmail.com

Please note the IICMP is simply facilitating the distribution of the survey link, IICMP does not endorse the survey or its findings. 


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