International Qualifications

Please note: From the 24th June, 2024 all applicants will be required to submit the latest version of theInternational Recognition of Qualification application form(V24001).


Is your Qualification Equivalent to Practice in Ireland as a Clinical Measurement Physiologist?


Please see current HSE criteria HERE


International qualified Clinical Measurement Physiologists’ can apply for Recognition of their Qualifications to work in Ireland through the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Physiology (IICMP).






Step 1: Read the Recognition of International Qualification Application Form and the Application Guidance Notes.


Step 2: Complete the International Recognition of Qualification application form and submit along with the required supporting documents.


Step 3: Pay the application fee.



Recognition of International Qualifications Application Fee – €410.00


If you are unable to make payment via PayPal, please email office@iicmp.ie to arrange an alternative payment option.


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Please note:

  • The process can take up to 8 weeks. This period may be extended due to the volume of applications. Incomplete applications, missing documents or omitted  fees will result in your application being delayed or paused.
  • An equivalent outcome of an application is not guaranteed, therefore you are strongly advised not to make work, travel or other arrangement which depends upon you qualification being recognised by the IICMP.
  • Recognition of International Qualification Application Fee is not refundable
  • Applications will not be sent for assessment until the completed application and payment has been received.
  • Please send all emails in relation to your application to accreditation@iicmp.ie only