About Us

We are Health Professionals who are part of a group of professions know as Health and Social Care Professionals (HSCP). The IICMP represents health professionals working in the area of clinical measurement physiology. Our profession is comprised of five disciplines:
  • Cardiac
  • Respiratory
  • Neurophysiology
  • Vascular
  • GI


Five disciplines

We are Health Professionals who are part of a group of professions known as Health and Social Care Professionals.

We mainly work in the area of diagnostics, carrying out tests directly on patients and very often providing reports on these tests. We also work in the therapeutic area, following up on initiated therapies to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

The aims of the IICMP

Educate and Train

To promote the highest standards of practice, education, and training within the profession

Dedicated Forum

To establish a dedicated forum for professional communication

Member Representation

To represent our members interests in professional employment and education

Inform Members

To provide the most up to date accurate information within the profession in order to protect professional standards

Recognition of Qualifications

To provide a pathway for professionals qualified outside of our current guidelines to practice in Ireland

Continuous Professional Development

Offer professional opportunities for physiologist to develop and maintain their CPD.