Recognition of Qualifications



We are not currently accepting applications for Recognition of Qualification as the service has been temporarily suspended.







International qualified Clinical Measurement Physiologists’ can apply for Recognition of their Qualifications to work in Ireland through the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Physiology (IICMP)





  1. Possess the BSc in Clinical Measurement from Technology University Dublin or Dublin Institute of Technology.


  1. Possess an equivalent relevant scientific qualification (Level 8) as confirmed by the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurements Physiology (IICMP).


Or if qualified in or prior to 2005


  • (a) Possess the Certificate in Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement (MPPM) from Dublin Institute of Technology




  • (b) Possess an equivalent relevant scientific qualification as confirmed by the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Physiology (IICMP).

Recognition of qualification applications  are assessed against the below current recognised qualifications for Clinical Measurement Physiologists in Ireland. Please review the Irish programme below.

Course Title: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Clinical Measurement Science





Please note that the process usually takes 4 months. This period may be extended due to the volume of applications. Do not send original documents – only certified copies will be accepted. IICMP will not be held liable for loss or damage to original documents. Incomplete applications, missing documents or omitted fees will result in your application being delayed or paused.

An equivalent outcome of an application is not guaranteed, therefore you are strongly advised not to make work, travel or other arrangement which depends upon you qualification being recognised by the IICMP.


Please send any emails in relation to your application to recognition@iicmp.ie only






Step 1

Read  the Recognition of Qualification Application Form, FAQ and the Transcript Descriptor (outlined below)

Please ensure you fully understand the application process and what information is required before submitting your application.


Recognition of Qualification Application Form

Step 2

Complete the Recognition of Qualification application form and submit along with your Supporting Documentation and Academic Transcript

Recognition of Qualification Application Form


(Note: The application form contains further instruction as to these supporting documents.)

Appendix 1 – Academic Transcript Module Descriptor Example


Step 3

Once your payment of €410 has been made,  you will receive a ‘ROQ Information Letter’ from IICMP – please ensure you read, sign and return the signed ‘ROQ Information Letter’ to IICMP before submitting your ROQ Application.




  • Please ensure you read the below FAQ’s and Academic Transcript Module Descriptor (outlined below) – failure to do so may delay your application being processed.
  • Failure to submit all the required information in both hard and soft copy, as outlined in the application form checklist and the FAQ document will result in your application being paused.
  • An additional administration fee of €150 will be charged, should we need to formally write to you and provide further guidance to support your ROQ application.


Please note:

  • Recognition of Qualification Application Fee is not refundable*
  • ROQ Applications will not be sent to the Assessment Team for review until payment has been received.
  • All successful applications who are award ROQ will be granted free IICMP Membership for 2023


ROQ Payment Fee – €410 (Pay via the form below)


If you are unable to make payment via Paypal, please email office@iicmp.ie to arrange an alternative method option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you confirm the Recognition of Qualification Process?

Please click HERE to view the ROQ process Diagram

Does the university complete the application form on my behalf? ROQ Process

No, the application form is completed by the applicant and then stamped and signed by the university in the relevant areas.

If my qualification allows me to work as a Clinical Measurement Physiologist in the European county that it was obtained, does that mean I will automatically be granted Equivalence of Qualification in Ireland?

No, the IICMP has a responsibility to safeguard entry to the profession, therefore the qualifications of physiologist who qualified outside of the ROI are assessed to ensure that are of a comparable standard to those achieved by graduates of accredited programmes in Ireland.

Do I need to complete the applications form in full and submit all required documents if I know someone from my course or a similar course has submitted them previously?

Yes, each application is assessed individually, therefore you must complete the form in full and submit all required documents as requested.

What documents should be signed and stamped by a certified person?

Copy of birth certificate, copy of photographic ID, evidence of change of name, certificate of qualification and translation of documents (if applicable).

Who qualifies as a certified person?

Solicitor, Notary, Chartered Accountant and commissioner of Oaths.

What documents should be stamped and signed by my University?

Each page of the application form, each page of the course transcript and the academic record.

What is the course transcript?

Please note a Transcript is the details of all modules and subjects studied within the course as set out by the university and followed by the lectures. This document includes an in-depth description of module content, mode of delivery and assessment methods etc. (See appendix 1 for Transcript example)

What is the academic record?

The academic record is the summery sheet of results of each module studied per year. This should contain your name and the course code.

Can I translate my documents myself?

An official translation service is required to translate all documents and you must provide the details of the translation service on your application and have all translations must be certified.

What is QQI and how do I use the website?

QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) is an independent State agency responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland. Use this link to enter the country your qualification was awarded and select the level qualification obtained. This will issue with the equivalent qualification level in Ireland. Please direct any further questions on how to obtain the QQI cert to QQI directly.

What detail is needed in the ‘subject description’ section of the application form?

Using your course transcript can be useful in filling out this section. However only bullet points of each subject/topic covered in each module is necessary.

What is Practice Placement?

–  This is a period of time you spend during your academic programme in a clinical measurement department, performing clinical measurement tests, under the supervision of a clinical measurement physiologist.
– Practice placements can sometimes be called internship.

– Your clinical competency on practice placements/internship are assessed by your college or university during the placement and the practice placement/internship forms part of your academic programme/ degree. The practice placement must be included on your academic record and have an assigned grade.

Do you have a list of apposed courses?

The only approved course is BSc Clinical Measurement Science, TUDublin (formally DIT)

My university will not stamp my application/issue my transcript can the IICMP request it on my behalf?

The onus is on the applicant to obtain all necessary documentation. The IICMP will not issue requests from individual universities regarding any applicant.

How do I send my documents?

Please email your completed documentation in pdf format to recognition@iicmp.ie Via 3 zip files only. One file for each of the following:

  1. Application form
  2. Supporting documents
  3. Transcript
The files should also be labelled as follows:
  1. Firstnamesurnameapplication
  2. Firstnamesurnamesupportingdocs
  3. Firstnamesurnametranscript

What do I send by hard copy and soft copy?

Both a hard copy and soft copy of all documents are required. Original stamped/certified documents should be sent by post. The IICMP will not issue a notification of receipt until both hard copies and soft copies of all required documents are received.

Why do I need to apply for recognition of qualification?

The recognised qualification to work as a Clinical Measurement Physiologist in Ireland is the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Clinical Measurement Science from TUDublin. The HSE have asked the IICMP as the professional body for Clinical Measurement Physiologists in Ireland to be complete the assessment of International Qualifications prior to working as a Clinical Measurement Physiologist in Ireland.

I am unable to provide all of the supporting documents?

The onus is on the applicant to obtain and provide all necessary documentation. The IICMP will not be able to process your application until all supporting documents are submitted.

I am unable to complete some sections on the application form?

The onus is on the applicant to complete the application form in full. The IICMP will not be able to process your application until the application form is completed in full.

I have more questions!

Please email recognition@iicmp.ie with queries. However, we respectfully ask that you email all queries/questions in one email after you have studied the application, checklist and FAQ page.