National HSCP Office – National Telehealth Developments and Request to Complete 5 Minute Survey


National HSCP Office – National Telehealth Developments and Request to Complete 5 Minute Survey

A message from the HSCP Office Team


“Dear HSCP Colleagues,

We are writing to update on national developments in relation to Telehealth (TH) and to seek input from HSCP currently implementing/interested in implementing TH solutions in the context of COVID-19.


Many HSCP are currently re-deployed to directly respond to the acute and sub-acute management of COVID-19 patients. Many others are responding to urgent non-COVID cases and continuing to meet the needs of those with chronic conditions, with reduced staffing levels, while trying to minimise patient facing contacts.

Innovative practice using telehealth with phone and/or video consultations is already in place in some settings and there is a need for these approaches to be expanded across all areas nationally.

National Telehealth / Telemedicine Steering Group

A COVID-19 National Telehealth / Telemedicine Steering Group Committee, with HSCP representation, has been established and is currently gathering information about areas of need where telehealth can be of benefit. To inform this important work, we want to hear from HSCP about what matters to you and how you think telehealth can be beneficial to patient care.

Five Minute Survey

We would be grateful if you could complete a brief survey, sharing information from your perspective.

Follow the link below to a Survey Monkey which will take five minutes to complete. No personal information will be stored and all information will be used for the purposes of gathering general feedback.


Clinical input is crucial to inform the design of national TH solutions and with this in mind, we very much appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.


Please feel free to circulate this email to HSCP colleagues as appropriate”

Regards and best wishes,

National HSCP Office Team