Masterclass in GI Physiology – Functional Gut Disorders

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January 16 - 2024
Masterclass in GI Physiology – Functional Gut Disorders
Date:                                      16th January 2024
Location:                             St James’s Hospital, Dublin


Physiologist – €10
Non Physiologist – €30
Student – Free


Registration closes – 12th January 2024


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Lunch is being sponsored by GastroLife. Please email if you have any dietary requirements


Speakers’ Bio

Dr Asma Fikree

Asma Fikree completed her preclinical training in Cambridge University and was awarded a BA(Hons) in Psychology after which, she was appointed to the Higher Specialist Training Programme in Gastroenterology and General Internal Medicine in London. In 2009, she undertook a considerable body of research which systematically confirmed the association between EDS and functional gastrointestinal disorders and has actively been involved in research on EDS . Dr. Fikree currently works as a Gastroenterology Consultant at the Royal London Hospital in London, subspecialising in Neurogastroenterology. Dr, Fikree runs a tertiary GI clinic for patients with EDS and severe functional GI disorders and is currently trying to characterise and explain the various intestinal and associated extraintestinal manifestations in patients with EDS.

Dr Zarate-Lopez

Dr Zarate-Lopez completed her training in gastroenterology in Barcelona, Spain, awarded by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Autonoma University. Following gastroenterology training, she was awarded the prestigious Canadian Association of Gastroenterology clinical fellowship. Her project integrated basic science and clinical research leading to investigation of the pacemakers of the gut and made the core of her PhD in medicine. She then moved to the UK where she continued further training in neurogastroenterology at St Mark Hospital, The Royal London Hospital and University College of London. She is a consultant in neurogastroenterology at UCLH and an honorary consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2017. Dr. Lopez runs a specialist outpatient practice and is the point of referral for adolescents with functional/neurogastro disorders for both Great Ormond Street Hospital and the UCLH adolescent team. Dr Zarate-Lopez has broad experience over the full range of functional and neuromotor gut disorders as well as standard and advanced physiology investigations. In addition, she is interested in diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopy